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i need to be thrilling, i want to be rainbow high;

they need their escape & so do i.

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alicia. call me ali. eighteen. female. south wales. student. 5ft3. single. brown eyes. forever changing hair colour. bisexual. sarcastic. stubborn. feisty. serious trust & self esteem issues. just a bit mixed up. theatre addict..

"I think you have to pay for love with bitter tears." -Edith Piaf.

; french films. cup-a-soup. sprite zero. eye-liner. moisturiser. house md. musicals. edith piaf. english lessons. refreshing sleep. theatre flyers. primark. notebooks. free texts. ruthie henshall. kisses that make your lips tingle. weight watchers. letters. inspirational quotes. vegatarinism. friends that make the world brighter. online shopping. wall-e. ballet. itunes. vodka & red bull. sugar free jelly. nintendo ds. classical music. marion cotillard. queen. songs that make you tremble. carol ann duffy. sign language. amber necklaces. soft mints. collar bones. surface piercings. sexy tattoos. trains. london. the tube. jack russell dogs. elena roger. pens. hair dye. camden. shirts & ties. glasses. sing language. livejournal. mummy. cigarettes. & moments you'll never forget.
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